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Common Travel Mistakes

 Most Common Travel Mistakes

1. Not checking the expiration date of your passport

By far, this ignorance can be the most significant and costly to you. If you try to enter or exit country with an expired or close-to-be-expired passport, you will likely be turned around and either sent back home on the next flight or detained for further investigations!
Keep track of your expiration date
Apply for a new passport if you have less than 6 months AFTER you are scheduled to return
Always check the passport regulations of your destination

2. Not making copies of all important documents

Trying to replace your passport or cancelling your credit card is significantly harder if you do not have a copy.Make 3 sets of copies of your passport
Bring one with you, leave one with a family member and one with another emergency contactRemember: You can securely store your passport information as well as a copy of your passport when registering your trip with the Tufts Travel Registry. The registry will also allow you to send a copy of your itinerary to family members, friends and other emergency contacts.

3. Booking too tight connections

Remember that connections come in different forms: from your walk to bus to the cab ride to airport, from the shuttle to the terminal along with weather and other unforeseen circumstances (ever heard of the crew missing?)Take all potential delays into account and leave yourself PLENTY of time between flights if possible
Plan additional time if you are taking any excess luggage 
Customs is the single most unpredictably certainty in your travel plans, do not underestimate it

4. Packing the wrong stuff

"There is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing". When researching your destination, check what clothing items you will need.
Additionally, as a prepared traveler, you should bring these items:Emergency/ First Aid Kit
Money Belt
Copy of prescriptions with signature of your doctor
Emergency contact numbers

5. Packing too much stuff

All that extra weight will put a burden on you and your wallet. Pack smart: Learn how to mix and match clothes!Consider buying clothes in your destination if that is an option, e.g. jackets for the winter
Check if you can ship safely to avoid airline fees altogether

6. Forgetting to call the bank/financial institution

Due to the rise in fraud, banks and other financial institutions have put procedures in place to prevent fraud to locking the account when an unusual activity is recorded. If you are using your card or trying to access your account abroad, you may actually lock your account. Additionally, you need to come up with a procedure in case your card gets stolen.

Call your bank and discuss these items:
Inform them that you are traveling and the duration of your trip
Mention any and all countries you may be visiting
Set a “limit” for daily withdrawals/expenditures on credit cards
Set up a way to contact your bank in case you need to re-activate your card