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When you leave the United States, you need to know your responsibilities under export control regulations.  In particular if you are traveling with your laptop or any other electronic devices these items along with the underlying technology, any data on your device, proprietary information, confidential records, and encryption software are all subject to export control regulations.  Some foreign governments have regulations that permit the seizure of travelers’ computers and the review of their contents.  U.S. Customs officials are also authorized to review the contents of travelers’ a laptops without probable cause and can be held until your return.

TTS Loaner Laptop Program

Who can request a laptop? 
While traveling for Tufts University business:

  • faculty
  • staff
  • postdocs
  • graduate students

Why request a laptop?

This program is meant to reduce travel challenges to the Tufts Community both in addressing the availability of  having a laptop and in protecting your data while traveling . The laptop will come preloaded with standard University provided tools and software and delivered to you and picked up by TTS staff at the Boston, Grafton, or Medford/Somerville campuses.  

For detailed information: please visit the TTS Loaner Laptop Program website.  If you wish to request a loaner laptop, please fill out the Loaner Laptop Request Form.  Your request should be submitted at least 5 days before the date of your departure.

Helpful tips while traveling:
  • Beware that your conversations may not be private or secure: In most countries, you have no expectation of privacy in Internet cafes, hotels, airplanes, offices, or public spaces. All information you send electronically can be intercepted, especially wireless communications??
  • Clear your Internet browser after each use: delete history files, caches, cookies, and temporary internet files
  • Do not leave electronic devices unattended:  Shield passwords from view, Avoid Wi-Fi networks if you can. In some countries they are controlled by security services; in all cases they are insecure.
  • Consult the FBI Resources for international travel(Adapted from FBI guideline: Safety and Security for the Business Professional Traveling Abroad)


Call: 617-627-3376