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Announcements : What happens after you submit a Group Travel Review?

Announcement: What happens after you submit a Group Travel Review?

Find out what happens after you submit your group travel review!
Next Steps - Group Travel Review

After you, the trip leader, have submitted the Group Travel Review, the Tufts Global Operations will review your application and contact you if there any questions. The Tufts Travel Review Committee meets once a month (dates for the meetings are posted here) and the Committee/Global Operations will contact you after the Committee has discussed your application. Once you are approved, you, as the trip leader are responsible for ensuring that all of your trip participants complete their own travel registration. 
  • Global Operations will create a record in the travel registry using the names you have uploaded and the trip dates
  • Your trip participants will receive an email prompting them to log into the registry and complete their emergency contact and passport information. They will also be asked to sign the travel waiver.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Your Global Ops Team