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Tufts International Health, Safety and Security

Tufts supports and encourages international travel by its faculty, students, and staff while promoting safety and security measures that minimize risk to the traveler and the institution. The Global Operations office is here to assist you with travel preparation including the mandatory registration of your travel, logistical concerns, and training for travel safety. We also provide assistance during an emergency.

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member traveling on a university-related trip, you are required to register your trip with the Tufts Travel Registry per the university's international travel policy. The Tufts Travel Registry is a confidential and secure database for maintaining travel information for all Tufts affiliates conducting university-related international travel. The Travel Registry is the official source of traveler information that forms the basis for the university’s emergency response plan and communication strategy when responding to an emergency or critical incident abroad.

If you are a student or traveling with students, please note that any country or region that has been designated as high-risk by the US Department of State is subject to review and approval by the Tufts International Travel Review Committee. 

Do you need to update a travel registration that was started before December 2020? Login to the Travel Registry using this link 


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Register my international travel  
Review country information and safety reports for my destination
Understand international travel assistance and coverage on Tufts trips
Receive proof of coverage for visa application

Questions?  Please feel free to contact Global Operations!

Elisabeth Keegan
Assistant Director, International Health and Safety

Claudia Jackson
Director, Global Operations