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Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is capturing headlines, in part because it's believed to be linked to tragic birth defects in Brazil and other tropical countries in the Americas. Areas of local Zika transmission currently include Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the US (Florida). Other affected areas include Singapore, the Cape Verde islands off the coast of Africa and multiple islands in the Pacific. However this outbreak is fluid and new areas with Zika transmission are continuing to be reported. We regularly monitor for new risks and, though Zika isn't a public health emergency directly affecting Tufts, we want to share some important points you should still know.

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Tufts Latest Guidance on Executive Order (June 26, 2017)

Today, the Supreme Court granted certiorari for the travel ban cases and agreed to hear oral arguments this fall. In the meantime, the Court reinstated the administration’s travel ban – at least, in part.

Based on today’s decision, current and incoming Tufts’ students, faculty and staff should still be able to travel abroad and return to the United States. As always, however, we must note that individual travelers may experience heightened screening requirements and delays, as enforcement agencies and airlines come to grips with yet another version of the travel ban. Please be sure to carry documentation evidencing your connection to Tufts (I-20, DS-2019, Non-immigrant visa approval notices, letters of appointment). If you encounter difficulty returning to Tufts, please contact Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) at 617-627-6911.

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